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My name’s Martyna and I am 16. I am very passionate about fashion and my goal is to create a place where You can broaden your knowledge, experience the beauty of what surrounds You and simply relax. I will also be posting about lifestyle, wellness, design and art – in other words: everything that inspires me.I will be grateful to receive any feedback and suggestions concerning the content or any other aspect of my page.

I hope You will join me in this journey and will enjoy every moment of it.



Get inspired: Sheer

Winter is slowly leaving us, so it’s time to put your big, baggy sweaters and puffy coats away. Yes, I know… sounds rough. We all love feeling cozy, and a fuzzy jumper can certainly give us a sense of security (plus it seems as if  somebody hugs you) and calmness.

But let’s leave these sad thoughts and concentrate on what’s just around the corner – spring with its dainty flowers, nostalgic winds and shy sun. Sounds good?

As far as fashion goes this season is pretty exciting and gives a lot of place for experimenting. Since you’re not freezing all the time,  there’s no need to wear 5 layers of clothing, but it’s also not like in order not to melt in the summer heat you have to wear shorts and tank tops every single day.

Spring is mild… but it allows you to be wild.

On of the biggest trends for this season is sheerness in all possible forms and ways. Fashion houses like Dior, Mansur Gavriel, Giambattista Valli, John Galliano took advantage of spring’s freeing power and embraced see-through materials.

You probably wonder how on earth is it possible to casually walk half-naked on the street. After looking at the runway photos it might seem like you have to go for all or nothing, but in reality sheerness can be made elegant and even subtle if you won’t go overboard with it.

Here are some simple rules to follow:

  1. Decide on one sheer piece.                                                                                                         It can be a dress, shirt, skirt or even just socks. Transparency from head-to-toe can make you look tacky and as if you were in your lingerie. Single staple garment is enough to create original, eye-catching stylization and it will still seem pretty effortless.
  2. Pair it with simple pieces.                                                                                                              Sheer fabric should be the star of the show, and it doesn’t need much to shine. It loves monochrome and smooth textures. Your basic black leather jacket might be the best pick to go with sheer dress or maybe well-tailored suit as a company for more eye-catching shirt.
  3. Keep it casual.                                                                                                                                     If you want to make your sheer piece everyday-appropriate you have to robe it of its overpowering boldness. On the runway, designers proposed long transparent dresses that were absolutely beautiful but most of us can’t even imagine an occasion to wear this kind of piece. What I would suggest is pairing sheer skirt with shorts underneath, put denim jacket on flowy dress or funky dotted socks with your mom jeans.

And lastly, just have fun and don’t be afraid to at least try this dreamy sheer dress on, even if you’ll end up looking like a forest fairy … or a witch. It’s just clothes, it’s for pleasure and provocation.


Christian Dior
Christian Dior
Christian Dior
Christian Dior
Christian Dior
Christian Dior
Christian Dior
Mansur Gavriel
Mansur Gavriel
Giambattista Valli
Giambattista Valli


Giambattista Valli

























Source of photos: Pinterest

Oscars 2018: The Best looks

Okay, so last night was one of those that everybody awaits with great excitement and hopefulness. I know that for most people Oscars are primarily about movies, awards and predictions. I completely understand this point of view, however what I think is also worth taking into account is the amount of work and preparation that goes on behind the scenes. That’s why my post will concentrate on red carpet looks. I am pretty sure that the majority of cinema enthusiasts behind their TV screens have no idea how many hours it takes to complete an outfit and all other things that come with big attending like this one. We’re usually the first ones to criticize, make fun of celebrities that don’t (in our opinion) look fabulous, but when we see someone dressed perfectly and being very confident what we very often feel is a sense of jealousy, sometimes this tinge of hatred. And you know what? That’s what Hollywood is all about. That’s why every piece of clothing is picked with such precision, why designers don’t hesitate using endless amounts of diamonds and why stars kindly pose in 15-cm heels with big smiles on their faces. It is to make us desire the splendor of their lives. The thing is, what you see on screen is this carefully planned by others part of them. In reality after the ceremony is over most of them will happily take off all the jewelry, corsets and bobby pins and just lay flat on their sofas. So, let’s appreciate hard work of stylists, hairdressers, make-up artists, designers and the actors themselves, by honoring some of the best (in my opinion) looks from 2018’s Oscars.

Emma Stone in Louis Vuitton
Saoirse Ronan in Calvin Klein
Allison Williams in Armani Privé Couture
Helen Mirren in Reem Acra
Samara Weaving in Schiaparelli Couture
Chadwick Boseman in Givenchy
Margot Robbie in Chanel Haute Couture
Jane Fonda in  Balmain
Lupita Nyong’o in  Atelier Versace
Sally Hawkins in Armani Privé
Nicole Kidman in Armani Privé
Gal Gadot in Givenchy
Timothée Chalamet in Berluti
Zendaya in Giambattista Valli Haute Couture
Fatma Al Remaihi
Laura Dern in Calvin Klein
Taraji. P Henson in custom Vera Wang
Sofia Carson in Giambattista Valli Resort
Eiza González in Ralph Lauren
Danai Gurira in Gabriela Hearst
Jennifer Lawrence in Christian Dior

And what were your favorite looks? Do you think that red carpet outfits are important or relevant?


Top 5 reasons why you should shop for clothes in second-hands

I couldn’t even count the number of times that I was asked, where had I bought something I’m wearing and it was a piece from second-hand shop, that cost me almost nothing. As you can tell from the title of this article I’m going to be encouraging you to hit the thrift store more frequently and I’m absolutely not ashamed to do so, however it wasn’t always like that. When I was younger and got asked about it I  would very often say that I don’t remember where the garment is from or that it was a gift. I don’t remember what was I thinking back then, but I was probably afraid of being perceived as poor and not fashionable, not ,,cool’’ enough.

The truth is that ever since I was a little girl I loved thrift-hoping, especially in my small hometown. My grandma was probably even a bigger enthusiast and to this day one of the things I do to give her some joy is propose a trip to second-hand. The difference is that back then choosing these stores was a way to save some money (since my parents were still studying), but now I see many more reasons to do so. Here are 5 of those:

  1. It’s one of the easiest ways to find unique pieces of clothing.

If you dream of an extraordinary closet, with many outstanding ensembles that nobody else on the street will have, if you don’t enjoy mass fashion, want to wear clothes that feel special … and that make you feel special, you should certainly go to thrift-stores more frequently. Pieces that you can find there are very often hand crafted, sometimes they carry a lot of history and can add a sense of nostalgia to your outfit. I’ve also seen many designer pieces from old collections that to me looked priceless, but the price tag wouldn’t suggest so. It’s also a great option if you want to buy something a bit crazy, not that practical-those beautiful embroidered gowns or floral suit. You might be afraid that you’ll end up not wearing it too frequently, so spending greater sum doesn’t sound appealing. By going to thrift store you can experiment more and take more fashion risks-and that’s a foolproof way to find your own style and make it shine

2.  It’s cheap

It depends on the store you go to, but usually visiting this kind of shop ends up with a full basket and a happy wallet. It’s pretty incredible how many beautiful things you can buy for so little money. I have to admit that I love getting new clothes, but I feel rather guilty after spending loads of cash on them, so a successful trip to second-hand gives me so much satisfaction. And even if it’s not like what you intend to get costs almost nothing, it usually still is quite a bargain in comparison to pieces from other places . Sometimes because of material or the brand, the ensamble’s cost might be similar to something from H&M, but it usually is much more worth buying. Why? Keep on reading.

3.  It’s ecological

Okay, so here’s a thing – I personally believe that desire to possess something material, like dress shouldn’t ever validate cruelty and disrespect. Unfortunately I’ve found it quite difficult to invest in only sustainable fashion, that treats workers properly, uses eco-friendly resources, doesn’t allow any animal products. Brands that specify in these kinds of products are usually quite pricy and I often don’t really like the aesthetical aspect of their offerings. By opting for second-hands you don’t commit to any of unethical practices-even if the skirt you buy was made in an unacceptable way if you buy it from thrift-store the producer doesn’t benefit from it in any way and the demand for this piece is not increased. Another thing worth noting is that if you would like to have something made from for example leather or silk and you don’t want to contribute to animal cruelty (and you don’t mind wearing it) then getting it from second-hand is probably your best bet.

4.  Clothes there are timeless

Here’s a thing-if something was created a good few years ago and it was considered beautiful enough for someone to buy it back then and now you see it on the rack and you are also mesmerized by it, you can be almost sure that it’s truly worth having. Today’s fashion is fast and very seasonal, everyone feels the pressure to renew their closet every 3 months in order to stay relevant and stylish, plus the garments are usually lower quality, simply designed to not last for long. How many times have you seen a brand new sweater in a store and it already was snagged? If you see a sweater in a thrift-store that looks just perfect then in all probability it’s going to stay like this for ever. For me personally, the idea that I’m wearing something  that carries some history, that somebody had been taking care of for years, something that had witnessed many different-sometimes beautiful, sometimes dramatic moments is simply very enchanting.

5.   It’s fun!

And lastly, it can be simply very entertaining. Invite your friends and have a thrift-store tour of your city. You will be amazed by how much joy you can get by experimenting with eccentric pieces and maybe taking some of those back home. I find these stores to be very nostalgic, almost surreal. This kind of shopping spree will certainly be less exhausting, cheaper and shouldn’t leave you with guilty feeling.

I hope that I’ve encouraged you to leave behind the prejudices and proudly enter the second-hand store. You’ll be surprised how many benefits you could achieve.


Get Inspired: Wild West

He’s free and wild, there’s nothing holding him back, he’s an outsider, always following his own path – who?

The American Cowboy. How did his career evolve?

In 20s Hollywood became obsessed with westerns, then in 70s the hero was awakened once again, by Ralph Lauren, who felt a sense of nostalgia in the times of industrialisation. Even the motorcyclist couldn’t resist borrowing big chunky belts and leather vests from the cowboy’s closet. Also in the hip hop enthusiasts and gang culture inspiration taken from our horse rider is clearly visible – just think about the beloved bandana.

But what about the Wild West appeals to us so much?

There seems to be this kind of mythology surrounding it and its heroes: they’re romantic, unpredictable, lonely, but independent. A cowboy is unstoppable, takes care of nature, is a guardian of law and order – his lifestyle is desired by many. That’s the reason why he achieved a special place in our hearts … and in our wardrobes.

By putting on long flared skirts, jackets with fringes, denim garments, flannel shirts and cowboy boots, we feel empowered to explore the world, we gain the courage to be wild and free.

This season, the inspiration on Saint Laurent’s runway was very noticeable – oversized, flowy shirts mesily tucked into big leather belts, shoes all covered in fringes. All that combined with animal prints and lots of jewelry gives us a fresh and luxurious mix of rodeo and safari.

Balmain’s 2018 resort pieces also serve Wild West vibes , but obviously in a very glamorous way. The dresses have the longest fringes you can imagine and the denim corsets are very heavily embroidered. The clothes aren’t as comfortable and effortless, but they certainly give us a new outlook on cowboy’s style and spirit.

Here are some photos to get you inspired and encourage to maybe use them in your next stylization.

Hope you’ll enjoy!
























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Source of photos: Pinterest






Fashion ID: Rei Kawakubo


It’s October 1942 – Japan is like sea that floods all neighboring countries. Manchuria, Malaysia, Singapore are all defeated. On west, Japanese are almost in India, on south there’s only Australia left. Even though it might seem not important for the whole Imperium – in October 1942 in Tokyo Rei Kawakubo was born.

Her childhood remains a mystery, as she doesn’t really reveal any information about it. This distance and reserve are complementary to  her cold and raw looks. When in 1981 she arrives at Paris and presents her new collection, only one word is on everybody’s mouths: provocation. Dresses and sweaters all covered in holes, ripped, old-looking materials, Rangers shoes – eve models are shocked. France was brutal and didn’t give her even a bit of hope. Straight-cut hair, determined expression, zero makeup – Rei Kawakubo is not a person to stand this kind of treatment. She always knows where she’s going and doesn’t tolerate any resistance. In Comme des Garçons office there is no receptionist, nobody to tell you how or where to go. This could be a problem, if not the fact that nobody comes in here – no wives, no husbands, no children. Japan had this special work culture from centuries – silence is excellence and obedience is a duty. There are two key words: discipline and effectiveness.

Her journey to where she is now seems not to be marked by any kind of hesitation. After graduating from university in Keio, she sacrificed her time to designing. Still without money, she created her brand Comme des Garçons (Like boys). She proposes pieces in the colors that were reserved for nights and evenings. Black starts to attack Tokyo’s streets.Is it the end of Kawai? Add to that the fact that if she agrees to have a photo of her taken it has to be in black and only in black will she be interviewed and you understand that black is her identification mark.

New wave of anti-glamour approaches Paris, demanding banning class and elegance. Rei has to face many words of disapproval – like press calling her brand ,,Comme des clochards”  and her style ,,chic from Hiroshima”. On the other side of the world, in her home country Kawakubo’s clothes are sold I over 150 stores and are applauded for being very innovative and original.

Asked about where she gets inspiration from, she says that it’s never from culture or history. Sometimes a particular key word comes to her mind and she doesn’t try to involve it in any way, instead she uses her creativity and spontaneity in order to surprise her whole audience. She hates stereotypes and being restricted.

In 1982 Rei Kawakubo presents her second collection in Paris. Her good friend, Yohji Yamamoto also shows his pieces in France. Their sense of fashion is still regarded as beggarly and is thought to be a glorification of rags. In the same year she has her first interview for Vogue and first Come des Garçons  boutique in the french capital.

Her style is called new wave of beauty and it consists of unfinished garments, unreal silhouettes, disproportional sizes. Kawakubo constantly searches for something new, something beautiful in the ugliness, something revolutionary in ordinariness.

She releases a magazine, called ,,Six” and surprisingly it doesn’t concentrate solely on fashion. The name is connected to the sixth sense, intuitive knowledge. Another project that we can be grateful Rei for is concept stores. She was the first one to sell not only her own products in her stores. What’s more, she let her assistants and other coworkers start personal brands there.

The distribution of Kawaubo’s pieces was also quite unusual – she would pick the least prestigious location possible and open a boutique for no longer than one year. This shops were called guerrilla stores. She would never try to renew the local or structure it in any way – chaos was desired. That’s when shabby chic  started to trend, getting rid of expensive jewelry and furs, enabling the poor to become fashion icons.

In 2012 Council of Fashion Designers of America decided to honor her work with ,,a fashion Oscar” but she didn’t show up to collect it. 2017’s MET Gala was under Comme des Garçons and Rei Kawakubo theme and it was followed by opening an  exhibition -,,Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons Art of the In-Between”.