Summer outfit ideas: Black Romper/Jumpsuit

It’s been a long time since I last wrote for you.

OK, it’s been two weeks. Well…

It turned out that I’m much more busy and tired during holidays, than I was while going to school. Finding time for work, studying for exams, writing and maintaining what so called social life is extremely tough and leaves me with 5 hours of sleep at most. I know that that’s what I need to do in order to achieve what I truly want in life (so it’s almost like I want to wake up at 5:30… maybe I should even enjoy it?). I want to be able to post articles here as frequently as possible, so no matter how many other things are going on in my days, there’s no way I’m not going to make it work. Especially since MyVanityFlare is what gives me so much inspiration and power. I think that it comes from the knowledge that maybe what I write is valuable to you.

As for today’s post – it is a photoshoot that was taken on a very busy Sunday and was almost cancelled due to thunder, which thankfully stopped half an hour earlier. Three hours of walking around Warsaw, watching Vistula and searching for the perfect scenery have resulted in many photos, that I’ll be uploading here and on @myvanityflare Instagram in the upcoming days.

The outfits that I’ll be presenting, so this one too, all are heat-friendly and for the most part they are a visualization of one of my previous posts on this season’s essentials. They also feature one of 2018 summer’s trends – wearing sneakers with everything. To me this concept is not something new, not because I’m an avid fan of these shoes, but simply because my lifestyle requires so much walking, running and just in general being constantly in a rush, that usually heels can’t be my choice ( they still are my choice way too often…but who doesn’t love the confidence boost that they give?).

This stylization is one of my personal summer staples. I literally wear it all the time. Even now, when it’s rather cold in Warsaw I still put on this romper, but with sheer black tights and a striped Balmain-like jacket. It’s actually supposed to be a “night-out” piece,  but I do not care about what is written on the label. You also shouldn’t. It is wrapped around waist, which is always great for elongating the silhouette. It has lower back and it kind of became a little black dress for me.

Another garment that I want to talk a bit more about is the bag. I was looking for the perfect shopper, that would be able to fit my whole life inside. Doesn’t sound that hard, does it? The thing is, I didn’t want it to be made of genuine leather. That is for the ethical reasons. I’m trying to support as little cruelty to animals as possible in every aspect of my existence. I knew that my accessories don’t have to be leather in order to be high-quality and extraordinary. After more than a year of searching, I finally bought my dream bag. It’s classy and elegant, but certainly not basic. i love it’s „snake” material, gold details, lack of big brand logo and practicality. It was also much more affordable than similar, leather models.

These shots were taken in two locations, but one is literally on the opposite side of the street to the other. Leaves are what covers the BUW-Library of Warsaw University facade and the copper-turquoise wall was a surprising discovery that we were more than excited to stumble upon.

I hope that you’ll enjoy this gallery and that it will give you some real-life examples of how to style The only 5 pieces of clothing you’ll need this summer.



Romper: Bershka

Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger

Bag: Versace 

Jewelry: Lilou

Photo by: Joanna Maciątek-Sikorska

Long black lace dress in Łazienki Palace Gardens

Welcome back to MyVanityFlare!

Today, what I have for you is photo shoot from one of the most(in my opinion) mesmerizing places in Warsaw – Łazienki Palace Gardens. They’re famous for palatial peacocks that walk around there freely and live concerts that you can enjoy near the Frederick Chopin’s monument. I also love their architecture, white facades, symmetry and sense of nostalgia I always feel there.

I really wanted to show you this long lace dress and there are many reasons for that: from the fact that I’m simply obsessed with it ever since I bought it, to the fact that it goes in theme with one of the biggest trend’s for upcoming season – sheerness that I wrote an article about here. It’s completely transparent, so I decided to put  this little black garment underneath and tie a belt around my waist.

What really inspired me was Dolce&Gabbana and their regal, baroque-like looks. I’ve decided on wearing gold statement jewelry from Lilou, that resembles oriental patterns that I had a chance to marvel at last summer when I was in Venice, on the  building of the Doge’s Palace.  By the way, did you know that Louis Vuitton’s famous monogram was  designed by Georges Vuitton who got influenced by this royal residence? As far as the shoes go, I think that this model is the ultimate must-have in every woman’s closet. Why? It’s very elegant, it elongates the legs, looks like heels, can be worn with both skirts and jeans but is so comfortable you’ll want to sleep in it, I promise. Tiny coffer bag with gold chain and padlock, complements the stylization perfectly. The final touch is bold lip, which I obtained by using KatVonD’s Lolita liquid lipstick. The only thing missing is bejeweled crown – then I could go and reign the World.

OK, let’s be real – even without it I’m still going to rule the World.

I know that this outfit may seem like something completely not wearable, too theatrical, too romantic, however if you don’t want to look as dramatic, you can switch the pumps for your favorite sneakers, skip the large accessories and tone the makeup down  a bit. Long sheer dresses are really in right now and there are multiple ways to wear them in a casual way. What I like to do, is pair them with t-shirt and skinny jeans, or a simple skirt. Another solution can be putting some garment on top of it – think oversized sweaters and baggy jumpers.

I hope that you’ll enjoy this photo shoot, both the fashion side and the scenery.

All the love,




Facetune 14.jpgFacetune 8fullsizeoutput_63Facetune 13Facetune 20fullsizeoutput_65Facetune 16Facetune 2Facetune 24Facetunefullsizeoutput_56Facetune 12fullsizeoutput_64Facetune 11Facetune 19Facetune 17Facetune 18Facetune 22Facetune 23fullsizeoutput_7dFacetune 4Facetune 6Facetune 25Facetune 21Facetune 9Facetune 3

Lace dress: Reserved

Short dress: Hollister

Shoes: Zara

Jewelry: Lilou

Bag: Michael Kors

Belt: vintage

Photos by Joanna Maciątek